Creative Factory

This is not a manifesto

Creative Factory is not a building. Creative Factory is an idea. By putting artists and creative thinking at the core of our approach, artists are not only welcomed, but listened to, nurtured, developed, supported, and given a much wider perception of success and a broader understanding of what a long term career can be. Creative Factory is where being creative is work, where artists get paid and are valued members of society, contributing to Middlesbrough’s future.

There has to be another way of doing things. We can create possibility together. We have to imagine things differently from what they are. We can learn from others but have to be innovative and listen to what artists need. We are committed to opportunity, possibility and curiosity for artists, industry, audiences, business and the many communities on Teesside.

Twitter: @BoroFactory

For further information or to arrange a meeting / studio visit email: Gordon Dalton, Creative Factory Producer